Geetha Ramasubbu

Geetha Ramasubbu, M. Sc.

Department of Electrical-Electronic-Communication Engineering
Chair of Multimedia Communications and Signal Processing (Prof. Dr. Kaup)

Room: Room 06.020
Cauerstr. 7
91058 Erlangen


I am working on energy-efficient video coder systems since May 2021. The current focus is encoding energy measurements for software and hardware implementations of various codecs and obtaining a universally applicable energy description of video encoder systems.

Offered Thesis

I offer theses in the field of energy-efficient video communications at any time.

Ongoing and Completed Theses

Master Theses

“Energy Estimation using Content Descriptors for HEVC Software Encoding” (SS 2022)

Bachelor Theses

“Analysis and Optimization of the Video Encoding Energy Consumption for On-Demand Video Services” (SS 2022)

“Energy Assessment of Video Capturing Applications on Mobile Devices” (SS 2022)

Research Internships

“Coding Tool Complexity Analysis for Video Encoders” (WS2022/2023)

“Power Consumption Analysis of Hardware Video Encoders” (WS2022/2023)


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  • , , , , : Nachhaltigkeitspreis - Kategorie "Research" (Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg) – 2023
  • , , , , , , : Joint Research Incubator Award (ITG-Fachausschuss MT 2 „Bildkommunikation und Bildverarbeitung“) – 2022