We congratulate our colleague Matthias Kreuzer on qualifying for the final three of the IEEE Data Challenge on Industrial Systems' Health Monitoring using Vibration Signal Analysis  as part of the IEEE International Conference on Prognostics and Health Management (ICPHM) . The task of the challenge ...

We congratulate Prof. Belagiannis and Alexander Tsaregorodtsev for their journal publication entitled "ParticleAugment: Sampling-based data augmentation". Data Augmentation (DA) is employed during the training process of neural networks in order to prevent overfitting on the training data as well as...

Frank Sippel investigates multispectral and hyperspectrals cameras, which capture image data that is invisible to the human eye. Such images can be applied in a large variety of applications in areas such as farming, medical imaging, or recycling.

In a so-called "Lehrstuhl-Special" of the department EEI, where a professor of electrical engineering is interviewed, Prof. Kaup talks about his scientific career, research at the LMS, and the everyday life of a head of an institute.

We are happy to welcome our new colleague, Katja Kossira, in our team!

Our colleague Thomas Haubner investigates the audio quality in teleconferencing scenarios, in which multiple participants are sitting in the same room. For this application, he developed an algorithm that can effectively suppress reverberation, echoes, and noise.

For good teaching in the summer term 2022, the LMS received two awards from the student's evaluation.

We are happy to welcome our new colleague, Amir El-Ghoussan, in our team!

Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Kaup received an Award for good teaching („Preis für gute Lehre an den staatlichen Universitäten in Bayern“) from Minister Markus Blume.

At our chair, the two dotoral candidates Than Dat Nguyen and Viktoria Heimann are actively taking part in research within the research project "Empatho-Kinaesthetic Sensor Technology – Sensor Techniques and Data Analysis Methods for Empatho-Kinaesthetic Modeling and Condition monitoring” (EmpkinS).

Congratulations to our colleague Anna Meyer, who won the VDE Bayern Award 2022 for her outstanding Master thesis entitled "Deep Learning-Based Camera Adaptive Image Enhancement".

How are recycling and image processing related? This episode of 2 Minuten Wissen is about multispectral camera arrays, i.e. cameras that record more than just the usual three channels, for example also in the infrared range of the spectrum.

Congratulations to our colleagues Viktoria Heimann and Andreas Spruck! They won the 10% Best Paper Award on the IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP) in Shanghai for their paper entitled "Jointly Resampling and Reconstructing Corrupted Images for Image Classification Usi...