Katja Kossira

Katja Kossira, M.Sc.

Department Elektrotechnik-Elektronik-Informationstechnik (EEI)
Chair of Multimedia Communications and Signal Processing

Room: Room 06.022
Cauerstr. 7
91058 Erlangen


The majority of plastic waste is thermally recycled, since it is usually not possible to separate it by type. To enable clear classification, I have been working on multispectral imaging since January 2023. The goal is to clearly recognize and identify plastic materials using multispectral imaging, thus ensuring recyclability.

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Offered Theses

I offer thesis in the field of multispectral image and data processing at any time. Knowledge in Python or MATLAB is desirable.

Proposed topic for a bachelor theses/research internship/project theses

If you are interested or for further information please send me an email with a short introduction of your interests and previous experiences in the field of software development or image and data processing.

Completed and Ongoing Theses

no running or completed theses at the moment