Energy Efficiency Video Solutions

In the past years, our chair developed various algorithms and tools helping to increase the energy efficiency in video communications. This page lists links to the most important contributions, which are all free to use under respective open-source licenses.

  • Bit stream analysis for AVC, HEVC, and VVC
    This software takes arbitrary HEVC or VVC-coded bit streams and analyzes their use of coding tools and provides block size statistics.
  • DENESTO: Decoding Energy Estimation Tool
    Using the statistics generated by the bit stream analyzer tools above, this software estimates the energy demand for decoding the stream. Energy estimation models are available for various hardware and software implementations of HEVC decoders.
  • DERDO: Decoding-Energy-Rate-Distortion Optimization
    DERDO is an algorithm that enables the compression of sequences such that the decoding energy on client devices is minimized. The source code for HEVC encoding can be downloaded following the link.

Further contributions and software packages will be available soon.

Currently, we are striving to analyze and optimize the whole processing chain in video communications. This includes the capturing and encoding of video data, transmission via versatile channels, and receiver side power including decoding, rendering and playback.

With our expertise, this group is the best choice when you are looking for a partner to do research regarding any question in energy efficiency in video communications.