Farewell for Prof. Walter Kellermann

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Source: H. Löllmann

On the occasion of the retirement of Prof. Walter Kellermann, who worked at the LMS since 1999 as holder of the professorship for communications, the LMS arranged a farewell event on March 25, 2024. It opened with a colloquium chaired by Prof André Kaup starting at 1:30 pm in the lecture hall H6 with talks of Prof. Rudolf Rabenstein (LMS), Prof. Alan Oppenheim (MIT, USA), Dr. Garry Elko (mh acoustics, USA), Prof. Patrick Naylor (Imperial College London, UK) and Dr. Roland Maas (Amazon, Seattle, USA) as well as farewell addresses of colleagues and friends. Afterwards, all guests were invited to an evening event, which took place at Fraunhofer IIS in Erlangen-Tennenlohe.