Brendel, Andreas

Brendel, Andreas

Theses Finished/In Progress

Bachelor Theses:

  • Experimental Investigation of the Sparsity of Speech Signal Mixtures
  • T60 Estimation via Acoustic Sensor Networks
  • Blind Source Separation using Convex Geometry
  • Blind Source Separation using Tensor Decompositions

Research Internships:

  • Reliability Measures for T60 Estimation
  • Virtual Microphones for MVDR/LCMV Beamforming
  • Independent Component/Vector Extraction
  • Decay Rate Classification for Blind Reverberation Time Estimation
  • Sparsity-based DOA Estimation in Acoustic Sensor Networks
  • Semi-blind Source Separation using Prelearned Demixing Filters
  • Selection of a Desired Source for Acoustic Signal Extraction
  • Visual Voice Activity Detection

Minor Projects:

  • Training-based Acoustic Source Localization

Major Projects:

  • Head Orientation Estimation from Multiple Microphone Arrays
  • Acoustic Sensor Network Misalignment Recognition Using a Semi-Supervised Source Localization Technique and Markov Random Fields

Master Theses:

  • Noise-robust Blind Source Separation
  • Learning-based Acoustic Source Localization using CDR and DOA
  • Acoustic Source Localization using Manifold Learning
  • Distributed Blind Source Separation
  • Blind Source Separation Methods for Counting Acoustic Sources
  • Scene Analysis in Acoustic Sensor Networks
  • STFT Bin Selection for Sparsity-based Algorithms
  • Source Tracking in Acoustical Sensor Networks
  • Blind Reverberation Time Estimation from Multichannel Recordings
  • Acoustic Source Separation based on Deep Clustering and Independent Component Analysis
  • Manifold learning of Acoustic Relative Transfer Functions
  • Deep Learning-based Manifold Learning for Spatial Filtering


  • , , , , : Best Poster Award WASPAA 2019, New Paltz, USA (IEEE Signal Processing Society) – 2019


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