LMS at ICASSP 2024 in Seoul

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Source: A. Kaup

Eigth technical contributions with latest research results of the LMS have been presented at this year’s EEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP). The ICASSP took place from April 14 to 19, 2024 in South Korea and is the biggest conference worldwide in the area of signal processing and its applications. It offers a comprehensive program featuring the latest developments in research and technology in this area and attracts thousands of experts. The following contributions have been presented either in a poster or oral session by co-workers of the chair:

  • F. Sippel, N. Genser, H. Och, J. Seiler, A. Kaup, “Color Agnostic Cross-Spectral Disparity Estimation”
  • L. Eichermüller, G. Chaudhari, I. Katsavounides, Z. Lei, H. Tmar, C. Herglotz, A. Kaup, “Encoding Time and Energy Model for SVT-AV1 Based on Video Complexity”
  • E. Koyuncu, E. Alshina, A. Kaup, “Quantized Decoder in Learned Image Compression for Deterministic Reconstruction”
  • H. Och, S. Reddy Uddehal, T. Strutz, A. Kaup, “Improved Screen Content Coding in VVC Using Soft Context Formation”
  • H. Och, S. Reddy Uddehal, T. Strutz, A. Kaup, “Enhanced Color Palette Modelling for Lossless Screen Content Compression”
  • A. Regensky, A. Kaup, “Geometry-Corrected Geodesic Motion Modeling with per Frame Camera Motion for 360-Degree Video Compression”
  • M. Windsheimer, F. Brand, A. Kaup, “Multiscale Augmented Normalizing Flows for Image Compression”
  • F. Sippel, J. Seiler, A. Kaup, “A Guided Upsampling Network for Short Range Infrared Images Using Graph Regularization”